Frequently Asked Questions

Entering My Recipe

Can I enter more than one recipe into the contest?

The official rules state that each entry should be submitted only once, but there are no restrictions on the total number of recipe entries you can submit for this contest.

How do I know that my website entry was accepted?

If your website entry is successfully submitted, you will see the following on the web site Thank You page: Thank you for your submission. You will be notified by February 25th if you qualify for Round 2. Good Luck!” If you do not see this message, your entry was not submitted.

How do I know that my social media entry was accepted?

All public social media posts that include a recipe picture or video along with the hashtag #BakeItPossible in the post will be considered for entry. Our team will review all social media entries and filter for profanity or inappropriate content. All accepted entries will be displayed on or Please allow up to 5 business days from the time you post for the review process.

Please note that your social media profile must be public in order for our team to see your entry. If you have a private profile and would like to keep it private, please enter using our online form here.

After I submitted my recipe entry, I realized that I made a mistake in the recipe. What should I do?

Once your recipe is submitted, that entry can no longer be changed. Using the online entry form, submit a new entry with the correct version of your recipe, including the words “corrected version” in the title of your recipe.

Can I enter my recipe in English or French?

Yes. Recipe entries can be submitted in either English (click here) or French (cliquez ici).

When I click on 'Submit My Recipe,' I return to the name/address page and do not receive a confirmation message.

This likely means that you have exceeded the maximum connection time allowed and have been disconnected from the web site. Unfortunately, your entry has not been received. Please resubmit your recipe. Be sure to complete your entry within two hours so that your connection is not broken. (Note that some Internet providers may disconnect you if your computer is idle for a shorter period of time.)

After I enter my name and address information, I continue to return to the same page.

In this situation, there may be technical difficulties between your system capabilities and this web site. Please restart your computer and try again.

How can I find out what the judging panel thought of my recipe?

The volume of entries we receive does not allow us to provide feedback on the evaluation of individual recipes.

Can I use a mobile device to submit my recipe?

Yes, you can use your mobile device to submit a recipe.

Recipe Questions

Can you explain what is included in the 60-min total time?

Any time spent actively preparing and/or baking/cooking your recipe is part of the 60 minute total time. This includes chopping, mixing, stirring (frequently or occasionally), baking, and cooking time, or any time that you are actively working on your recipe. This does not include cooling or chilling time after the entire recipe has been prepared.

Can I enter a recipe that uses a preparation method like marinating overnight or cooking for 8 to 10 hours in a slow cooker?

No. All recipes must be able to be fully prepared within 60 minutes.

Can I enter a recipe that uses outdoor grilling as a preparation method?

No. All recipe preparation and cooking must be done with indoor kitchen appliances.

Many recipes online and in cookbooks use raw ingredients like eggs and flour without cooking or baking them. Can I submit a recipe using raw ingredients without a baking or cooking step?

Recipes that contain eggs, baking mixes, flour, cookie dough or other fresh dough products require a baking or cooking step.

How is my recipe being judged?

For details on the judging criteria, please visit our rules and regulations page.

Eligible Product Questions

Which Betty Crocker™ and Pillsbury™ products are eligible for this contest?

Please see Rules & Regulations for a list of eligible products.

I can't find an eligible product in my local grocery store? Can you help me locate the product in my area?

We suggest that you ask your grocery store manager if the store can order the product, or select another eligible product available in your area.

How do I know what different varieties or flavors are available of an eligible product?

Most eligible products are readily available in grocery stores, and many will have an assortment of varieties or flavors. We suggest that you check your favorite grocery stores and select from the choices you find available in your area.

If an eligible product includes two or more parts, such as refrigerated cinnamon rolls with icing, do I need to use all of the components of the product in my recipe?

Yes, your recipe must include all the parts of an eligible product.

My recipe cuts circles out of the pie crust or the crescent dough. Is it okay to have scraps of dough leftover?

Yes, it is okay to have small amounts of unused dough left over and not used.

Eligibility Questions

Are food professionals eligible to participate?

Yes, the contest is open to all food professionals, including chefs, caterers, bakers, food writers, food bloggers, cake decorators, culinary instructors and all other food professionals.

I worked on a recipe with another person. Can we enter the contest as a team?

No. Because our contest rules are based on one individual person entering and participating, partners cannot enter recipes together.

Contest Judging and Contest Finals Questions

Are all recipes submitted to the contest reviewed and judged, or do you select just some of the recipes to review? Do you test all the entries in your kitchens?

All entries in the contest that meet the entry requirements are reviewed and judged by General Mills representatives (phases 1 and 2) and selected judges (phase 3).

How will the 50 semi-finalists be announced?

Semi-finalist contenders will be contacted by the BakeItPossible and/or LifeMadeDelicious teams by February 25, 2018. Contestants will be contacted in the same platform/method as they used to enter the contest. For example, if a contestant entered by posting with #BakeItPossible on Instagram, he/she will receive a private message on Instagram from LifeMadeDelicious. Contestants who enter on the website will receive an email to the email address they provided. In order to be approved as a semi-finalist, the selected contestants will be required to fill in a qualifier form with details of their recipe and other required information by February 28, 2018. Once all 50 semi-finalists have been selected and approved, we will be announcing the semi-finalists on and, as well as on our LifeMadeDelicious Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

How will the top 10 finalists be announced?

The top 10 finalists will be contacted by the BakeItPossible and LifeMadeDelicious teams in April 23, 2018. They will be contacted using the contact information they provided upon qualifying for the semi-finals. At that time, they will receive further information on moving on to the next phase of the contest.

Once all 10 finalists have been selected and approved, we will be announcing the semi-finalists on this website, as well as on our LifeMadeDelicious Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

How will the Grand Prize winner be announced?

Plans for the grand prize winner announcement have not been finalized. Please continue to visit and for more information as the contest progresses.

If your question is still not answered, please contact us.